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Curiosity, Boldness, Triumph
Educational Technology
SmartUp School Technology
The technology we use is aimed at awakening and developing a child's natural craving for knowledge.
Our goals
To help the child to be able to open up to and receive joy from:
  • 0vercoming difficulties
  • Solving intellectual and creative tasks
  • Achieve new heights in knowledge
Our Tasks
  • Taking into aocount the individual development of the child;
  • The development of a motivational structure to allow the child to awaken an inner desire to learn;
  • Launching the development of creative potential, internal control and set actualisation;
  • Training in group work; the foundation of communication skills.
Our Methods
  • Using complex, long term games that engage and excite the students;
  • Using multiple multi-levelled tasks;
  • Using discussions and Socratic dialogues;
  • Training through the search of patterns;
  • Project activities done in groups to increase interest and confidence;
  • Teaching self-oiganisation and responsibility.
Our Principles
  • We believe in the development of subjectivity and freedom of choice;
  • We want our children to ha\re a holistic approach to mastering knowledge;
  • We believe every child should have individual goals and training, based on their development;
  • One of our goals is for our children to receive the maximum amount of positive reinforcement;
  • We strive to give fast, concrete and multifaceted feedback;
  • We think that a child should never be compared to others, but rather upheld to their own standard.
The Components
  • Psychological support for any issues that could arise throughout the educational process;
  • Using information technology to prepare and conduct classes, as well as analyse the results;
  • A vast library of training materials.
- Karl Witte

Any child becomes a genius, when they thirst for knowledge and work hard to obtain it

-The SmartUp School approach
Technology Cultivates
Logical and
Creative thinking
This is an amazing tool and the basis for effective self-education, as well as originality and self expression.
The ability to collaborate
and work in a group
The children realise the importance of joint action, and learn to interact amongst themselves.
Not comparing
yourself to others
The children compare their results with their own standards, not with the achievements of others, this gives them confidence and effectiveness.
Risk assessment
Progress and success are always combined with risk, the ability to realise one's potential is very closely associated with risk assessment.
Self-esteem and
"hope for success"
The motivation for success and high self-esteem produce maximum results in creative and cognitive abilities.
Efficiency and Willpower
The ability to work hard to achieve a goal, regardless of external obstacles.
How we conduct our classes
The results of technology
The first months
Significantly increased motivation. The child begins to work enthusiastically, putting more focus on their abilities. They quickly advance in certain subjects, of their choice, studying them persistently.
More than 6 months
Children are significantly ahead of peers from schools with usual curriculums and learning technology. They also display increased stability and success in stressful situations.

1.5-2 years
The child becomes more self-confident has more motivation towards success and hard work. They are able to optimally organise their actions, as well as work exceptionally well in groups. They also exhibit a very high proficiency in their favourite subjects.
4-5 years
The child is able to achieve high results, this is because they have conftdence in themselves and their behaviour. They have the ability to learn and improve from new experiences. They ate able to excel at high level competitions and Olympiads.
Our technology is for YOU Scalability
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Our experience in implementing this education system:
Responses to our program
Kids and Parents speak
We learnt a lot of interesting things!... how to negotiate with people, in general to be wise and smart. (Inju E. Class 3-c)
We have a consultation, there they teach us to solve examples very easily and quickly, even the most complex ones. (Ihlas N. Class 3-c)
I went into my sons bedroom at night to check why he was still awake, he was under the covers with a flashlight solving cards with examples! (Mum of Hera. Class 1 -a)
Sofia published her own book, she signed it and gave it to her grandmother, our neighbour even asked for a copy! (Mum of Sophia. Class 1 -g)
My child sings while on his way to school, he's extremely happy...
The children have shown an improvement in their speech, they speak more grammatically, they've started using interesting phrases and can reason in an original way ... (Mum of Roma. Class 1-g)
Matvev couldn't wait to aet back to school all weekend, he wanted to auicklv learn roots
and degrees! (Mum of Matthew. Class 1-e)
The energy of the class, the excitement with which the children solve complex examples, they easily acknowledge their mistakes, it amazes me. Thanks to this program you can see the enthusiasm in their eyes, these kids will go far in life! (Teaching assistant. Albinur. Class 1 -a)
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